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The Enso Asari Timer is a streamlined timer that features Salubrion's signature Enso Ring and crystal clear singing bowl chime. The Enso Asari's sculpted outer shell rests easily in the palm of your hand and its light weight design hinges closed to make it easily portable. Asari is a small clam found in the waters off Japan.

Sense Time.
Salubrion's innovative method for conveying time uses the Japanese Enso, which symbolizes enlightenment, elegance, and the universe. Traditionally, the Enso is painted with a single clockwise brushstroke. As the Enso Asari's timer counts down, the Enso Ring is slowly brushed on-screen. A quick glance at the Enso Ring subtly reveals your progress through your session, eliminating the distraction of having to read the numerical time.

Effortless Setting.
Touch the intuitive enCircle control pad to easily set your timer. Quickly scroll through hours, minutes, or seconds with the flick of your finger. The Enso Asari's Timer can be set as a single or repeat countdown timer or as a stopwatch (count-up) timer.

Soothe the Soul.
Crystal clear singing bowl chimes recorded from Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls gently indicate the completion of a timer or alarm.

The Enso Asari can also be used as an Alarm Clock, featuring the same soothing chimes.

Width: 2.8 inches
Length: 2.9 inches
Height (closed): 0.8 inches
Height (opened) 2.8 inches
Includes 2 CR2032 Watch Batteries
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